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Products and Services
We are constantly expanding our supply chain-based service capabilities to provide protection for users throughout the second-hand products use cycle. We offer quality assurance to improve the user experience. We established a secure information system to reduce potential cybersecurity risks and prevent customer privacy breaches. Meanwhile, we are improving our innovation capabilities and resolutely protecting our intellectual property rights. We are committed to high-quality and efficient user communication and responsible marketing. To this end, we have made available multiple customer feedback channels to address all kinds of customer requests in a timely manner.
Inspect devices before recycling

Ensure adequate product quality.

Reject abnormal devices

Reject devices with unknown serial numbers or abnormal factory settings.

Confirm seller’s identity

Ensure items are legitimately sourced and safeguard user privacy.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring product quality is the most direct way for us to be accountable to our customers. This is also a development principle that ATRenew has long been committed to upholding. In compliance with applicable laws and regulations, we have developed policies and standards for quality management at each stage of inspection, sale and use. With a stronger control over product quality, we are better positioned to protect the rights and interests of our users and consumers.

As an active participant in the drafting of national standards for online second-hand goods trading platforms, ATRenew is actively promoting our own product quality standards within the industry and helping create industry-wide standards. Our holistic quality assurance system allows all non-standard products to be thoroughly inspected, purchased by consumers at ease and traded among peers.

Tech innovation at ATRenew’s operation centers
Device Hero (机大侠), a proprietary intelligent inspection tool
Smart evidence taking and seal bags
Information System Security

We are dedicated to minimizing risks associated with information systems and cybersecurity. By combining technology, process and management, we safeguard our internal information system, cybersecurity and customer privacy. To this end, we established a comprehensive information security and privacy management system, in accordance with and subject to local laws and regulations.

ATRenew has passed the Level 3 Assessment under “China's Multi-Level Protection Scheme” and has been certified by the ISO 27001 information security management system.

Certificate of Information Security Management System
Multi-Level Protection Scheme – Level 3
User Privacy and Data Protection

Consumer personal data privacy is a top priority at ATRenew. Abiding by rules and regulations for privacy protection, we have enhanced internal policies to protect consumer rights to know and to choose. As a tangible step to safeguard customer personal information and privacy, we have adopted a stringent data policy when recycling customer devices.

At offline stores

Inspection and privacy clearance

At operation centers

Dual assurance via data wiping

Compensation mechanism

Compensate at 100 times the recycling price for data leakage due to negligence

AiQingChu (爱清除), data wiping system
AiQingChu (爱清除), data wiping system

To address user concerns about information security, ATRenew has independently developed AiQingChu, a system that swiftly and thoroughly erases customer data. The R&D of AiQingChu began in 2018 and was put into use a year later. This system prevents user data leakage and mitigates the risk of malicious recovery of user data during the circulation process.