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Proprietary Technologies
In 2017, ATRenew began construction of an automated operation system and completed an automated transportation, quality inspection, sorting and storage system of non-standardized pre-owned electronic products in Changzhou. This innovation has completely redefined our industry, traditionally plagued by low efficiency and high cost due to labor-intensive manual quality inspection.
Matrix 2.0 Advances Automated Inspection Efficiency

Matrix 2.0, our upgraded proprietary automatic inspection system, brings automation to the next level – we reduce manual touchpoints needed for transferring mobile phones between standalone automated inspection systems.

"Camera Box" system for exterior inspection
“007” fully-automated mobile phone functionality inspection robot
"Tianyan X-Ray (天眼)” internal disassembly inspection system
Automated shunting system
Sorting system
Storage system
Data-driven Pricing Algorithm
Our smart pricing system, backed by big data and AI algorithms, ensures fair pricing for device recycling and transactions on our platform. Pricing is automatically determined by our central database, based on device physical condition, market demand, depreciation, and other factors that impact retail value. Leveraging these technological capabilities, we create industry benchmarks for pricing, consumer experience, and higher-efficiency transactions.
Inspection Technologies
Device Hero (机大侠), an intelligent inspection tool
Device Hero is our proprietary inspection terminal. Roughly the size of a power bank, Device Hero helps small merchants inspect devices and determine functionality, battery life, the need for parts replacement and many other key features of pre-owned devices. Device Hero automatically begins device inspection once plugged in. After inspection, it transfers the results back to our big data platform for pricing and quality assessment.
Self-service mobile phone recycling kiosks
Consumers place their mobile phones into the MTA, self-service recycling kiosk, by simply following the user instructions. Within two minutes, the device is inspected and a fair sale price is displayed on the kiosk. If consumers are satisfied with the price and confirm their desire to recycle the device, they receive payment instantly. These kiosks are installed throughout our AHS store network and at various other locations, including major phone retailers throughout the country.
AiQingChu (爱清除), our proprietary data wiping technology
To address user concerns about information security, we independently developed AiQingChu, a system that swiftly and thoroughly erases user data. Repeated overwriting and wiping of the recycled mobile phones, tablets and laptops, prevents user data leakage and mitigates the risk of malicious recovery of user data during the circulation process.